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It is that time of year again, the weather is beginning to change, which means it’s time for heating to begin.  Please see below for rates and costs for clean and checks for heating elements for this year:


During the clean and check, we will be assessing and cleaning internal elements of the unit(s):


Furnace:  assess and change furnace filter as needed, assess and clean (if applicable): blower, blower motor, pressure switch, burners, flue venting, gas valve, heat exchanger, hot surface ignitor, flame rod


Boiler:  assess and clean (if applicable): flue venting, burners, gas valve, pump, fill valve, expansion tank, pressure gauges, relief valve, shut off valve.



Keep in mind, this does not guarantee any issues/repairs will happen in the future with or without a clean and check. However, with a proper clean and check, you can have piece of mind knowing that the heating unit has been checked by a professional HVAC tech and is working as it is designed. 


Also keep in mind, from time to time during a clean and check, we might find major issues with a heating element.  If this occurs, you will be contacted by your property manager with the details explaining what was found and what would be the best solution to the issue.  These clean and checks not only help heating elements work at their peak, but also can help spot a potentially hazardous heating element issue from becoming a danger to the occupants of the home, apartment, condo, etc. 


One of the main elements on a furnace that we pay particular attention to is the heat exchanger.  With older units, there is an increased chance that the heat exchanger might have failed and either shows oxidation (rusting) or has a crack or tear in the exchanger.  We will assess the heat exchanger for any cracks or signs of rust.  If the heat exchanger is found to have any of these issues, we will contact the property manager and let them know what we found.  We will test to see if there are any signs of carbon monoxide entering into the air flow into the home.  A cracked heat exchange can potentially be a serious matter and most times call for a replacement of the furnace. 


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