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Rent Ready Rehab was established in 2017 to solve a growing issue that was observed by the founders of the company.  The issue was simply: when a rental is vacated, how do you get it "turned over" to be ready to rent again?  A typical investment property owner would have to scour the internet, ask friends, etc to find a contractor to repair or rehab the unit.  The main problem with that is hoping you picked the right contractor, hoping they start and finish the work, and hoping that they do the work they say they will do and do it correctly, efficiently, and within the budget.   Anyone who has ever had any home improvements done, whether its with a rental unit or a personal home, has horror stories of a contractor that either didn't do the work they promised they would, or worse, took a downpayment and never even showed up to do the job!

Rent Ready Rehab was created purely to solve that issue.  We offer fair pricing, high quality work with contractors you can trust.  We do this by hand picking members of our contractor teams who have years of experience in their respective trades.  

In 2018, Rent Ready Rehab became the main general contractor for MACE Property Managment.  MACE Property Managment currently manages over 600 rental units and was in need of a general contractor they could trust to handle repairs needed for their clients.  Rent Ready Rehab is able to handle most repairs from small to large.  Rent Ready Rehab boasts a trusted and reliable team of handymen, plumbers, electricians, HVAC pros, and more!

Contact us to see how we can help!

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